Saturday, September 20, 2008

Be happy don’t worry

Be happy don’t worry

To live a life it’s a formula. Make distance from tension and worry. Always live in presents. Forget past only good moments remember and never tensions about your future.
Why you have tension for which that is not in your hand. If you centralized your mind on presents and work hard to achieve the goals you will be must achieve success.
You don’t know that how long you live. Entertain your each moments. Someone said that so many problems is in life how can we be happy. I have some formula if you adopt in your life your all problems will be solved.
Live in present: Lord Krishna said that “karmanyvadhikaraste ma faleshu kadachnah” means work-work and work. Don’t worry about their result. If you start any works and worried about the results then what happened. You will have been tensioned and your work also affected. Someone never start any work always plan for work and calculate results. “A man was lived in a village. He plans to purchase a buffalo. He said her wife that when buffalo will come he starts the starts the business of dairy. His wife said how it is possible. He said that buffalo give milk. I will sell the milk in market and collect the money. From one buffalo I have so many buffalo, and production of milk will increased. We make a lot of money. His wife said that if all buffaloes died our all capital will shrink. The man very much disturbed and beaten her wife. He never starts his business because always his wife word’s struck in his mind”. So you can learn from that man who never start his business because he think that if in future his all buffalo died he will be destroyed.
Make plan with priority: You seen that some people have so many works in hand at a time, but what the result of that works they not justify with their works. In our village I hear a words from my grandpa, “Never travel on two boats”. You decide about your priority for the work.
Entertain your work: Which of works you have in hand done without bored. I saw some people who say that they bored with work. Then why you do that work, maybe you have not any other works or you not confident that what you do after that. Come out with these problems and fully enjoy with your work. Humans nature that he happy if find some new things, you search what is new in your work. Know more and more about your work. Once you will see that you bored from which work it’s now become more interesting. “Always remember know more and more about your work”.
Don’t hesitate: I hear from so many people that they want to do some work but can not start their work because of society. If you want to be success and be happy you never mind that someone bad comments on the work. You start your work. Only one thing you remember success and think about success. After that all the people who misguided to you about your work, they praise about your success.
Learn with nature: to live happy you watch birds, animal, flower, tree, mountain, sea, and sky. Each learns us that live without tension. You see to flowers never afraid that someone will come and broke; I feel to see the flowers that they always smile. Spare some time to spend with nature; after that you feel very good.


Today government is facing a big problem to give employment to all. The problem is very critical, every year a large people included in this group. They have no jobs in hand. Everyone have some necessity to live, and to fill their necessity. They do so many illegal works for complete their necessities.
Our country education systems are support to create this problem. If self employment courses included in course from primary level education the problem automatically solved. After the completion of his education the students shall mentally prepared for do their own business.
They will help to improve our country economy. Today’s so many legal ways to earn money then why the people do illegal works.
It’s the failure of our government machinery that he does not publish policies related to unemployed. If everyone know about government policies and they feel free to go there unemployment problem will solved.
To give employment to unemployed people government should incur rage them for self employment. For this I have some ideas if governments take action it must success.All the policies related to unemployed person handover to the school or colleges. Persons contact to their school and college if he is not getting jobs or proper jobs. School colleges will help and suggest them to start a business. They will help him to complete all formalities and Banks will contact to him through that school and college.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Problem of Population in India

India and china both are the biggest population country. India population is on 19, September 2009 was 1,138,180,000 and 16.93% of world on dt.19.09.2008. World’s more then half population lives in these countries. Some countries urge to his citizens that they help to increase birth rate.
What is the reason that our country population increase very fast from 1947. I think that in starting government not care very much about this problem. Some reasons that our country population increase.
Illiteracy: Because the people illiterate and their living standard was very low it’s the also a factor of increasing of population. You can see the Poor’s children walking in street without trousers and shirts. Their parents also live like him. So they have not any burdened. These children also never go to school. They works in hotels and so many other illegal works.
Lack of Entertainment: It is also a factor for increasing population. Because low society peoples have no entertainment source and whenever they feel tired, they go to his wife.
Social illness: It’s a mental illness of society that they want a boy for his successor, for his male successor they increase the population. Girls are not recognizing as successor. The women who had only girl’s people see her awfully.
Down to Others: In India villages’ people had a large family to down others also. Communal factor also involve in this issue. One community holy person give orders to people that you born so many children and whenever you become more then other community or religion you will govern on all society. Hindu, Muslims, Christians and all other community trying to be majority. Only one community Persians are example for others who never trying to increase his population.
Lack of Awareness: Today’s so many sources available in the market if people start using the birth rate automatic controlled, but low society people do not know much more about these birth control commodity.
Someone knows about it but shy to purchasing.


The great Indian poet Rahiman das write a poet. That is very much fit for those who had not any goodwill in society.
" Rahiman pani rakhiye, bin pani sub soon;
Pani gaye no ubre moti manus choon."
(Please make goodwill in society, if you have no goodwill people will not respect to you)
I said a story which I listen from my mother.
So many years ago a king was. He very much false, he was just like today’s politicians.
He always so many promises to his supporters and with his family. His ministers and family very much sad, that he never complete his promise.
Once his neighbor’s King attacked. The king announce that he will hike salary of his army, minister’s will given new bungalow, and promised his queen that he take care of her.
The war started and no one oppose the enemy king because people listen about that king, that he always complete his promises, his goodwill was very good in his people.
So maintain your goodwill otherwise when you are in difficulty no one help you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Communal Integrity

“Kabeera Hari Gun Gaaiye, Jaati Paati Ko Chhod,
Ishwer To Mil Jayega Jeevan Ke Har Mod”
(Sing the song of God without any bar of cast/religion, The God will meet you at any stage of life)Saint Kabeerdash’s poem fit for the people of Ghorghatia village district Kushinagar in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The culture of Ganga Jamuna (Ganga Jamuna tahjeeb) is famous for living peacefully with each other and its example is that village’s people. A group of Muslims youth aged about 35 to 50 are organized every Tuesday devotional music on Shiva Temple.The village population is near about 5000 Hindu and Muslims are equal but the respect to each other religion. The group of youth Muslims made devotional music group, they all gathered on Shiva temple on every Tuesday and pray to Lord Shiva.Today when peoples fight with each other it is a great example of communal integrity.

Work for Poverty not for Communalism

It’s the lack of our country that every party’s policies are vote oriented. They do everything for their vote.

Today’s problem is population, poverty, health, education, infrastructure, terrorism, but no one said,”I will work for these problems”. Ram Vilas Paswan said that all the Bangladeshi who lives in India illegally should be honor with Indian citizenship. If security agencies caught anyone in suspect of illegal activities then all the parties start opposes the government. Why? They feel that if they oppose then some people of that community honor to him and all the vote of that particular community voted for his Party.

It’s not good for our country. The culture of Political parties should be changed otherwise we will not live like a country. We will divide once again.

Please work for population, poverty, health, education and infrastructure. People elected you for 5 years if you decide to work only for this then all the problems automatically solved.

Journey of Indian Knowledge

Today’s Panchtantra published in 60 languages with 200 editions, it has a very interesting story.

A great poet Firdausi writes in his collection of poems “Shahnama” that how this great book reached to Iran.

Barjoi was the doctor of Iranian King Anuserwa in year 500. He said Anuserwa that Sanjeevani Booti (A medicinal herb) can give life to dead body. He said that if Anuserwa permitted him to go to Himalya he will search that medicinal herbs there and prove it.

Anuserwa very much impressed and send Barjoi to India. Barjoi went Himalaya and find out that medicinal herbs. He done so many practical but failed.

He very much sad, and said his Indian colleague that how he face to his king Anuserva. His Indian colleague fixed a meeting with a learned person.

Barjoi said his problem. Learned man said that some story is symbolic as like as Sanjeevani Booti’s story. He explains him, “he said that story is that Sanjeevani Booti grow in Himalaya and can give life to dead body”. It’s meaning that a learned person looks like Himalaya can give life to a illiterate, rude and uncultured person. Learned man suggested him that he must learn the book Panchtantra.
Barjoi learned & translated the book in his language Pahalvi, after that the book was translated in so many language and gives life to the world