Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Work for Poverty not for Communalism

It’s the lack of our country that every party’s policies are vote oriented. They do everything for their vote.

Today’s problem is population, poverty, health, education, infrastructure, terrorism, but no one said,”I will work for these problems”. Ram Vilas Paswan said that all the Bangladeshi who lives in India illegally should be honor with Indian citizenship. If security agencies caught anyone in suspect of illegal activities then all the parties start opposes the government. Why? They feel that if they oppose then some people of that community honor to him and all the vote of that particular community voted for his Party.

It’s not good for our country. The culture of Political parties should be changed otherwise we will not live like a country. We will divide once again.

Please work for population, poverty, health, education and infrastructure. People elected you for 5 years if you decide to work only for this then all the problems automatically solved.

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