Friday, September 19, 2008

Problem of Population in India

India and china both are the biggest population country. India population is on 19, September 2009 was 1,138,180,000 and 16.93% of world on dt.19.09.2008. World’s more then half population lives in these countries. Some countries urge to his citizens that they help to increase birth rate.
What is the reason that our country population increase very fast from 1947. I think that in starting government not care very much about this problem. Some reasons that our country population increase.
Illiteracy: Because the people illiterate and their living standard was very low it’s the also a factor of increasing of population. You can see the Poor’s children walking in street without trousers and shirts. Their parents also live like him. So they have not any burdened. These children also never go to school. They works in hotels and so many other illegal works.
Lack of Entertainment: It is also a factor for increasing population. Because low society peoples have no entertainment source and whenever they feel tired, they go to his wife.
Social illness: It’s a mental illness of society that they want a boy for his successor, for his male successor they increase the population. Girls are not recognizing as successor. The women who had only girl’s people see her awfully.
Down to Others: In India villages’ people had a large family to down others also. Communal factor also involve in this issue. One community holy person give orders to people that you born so many children and whenever you become more then other community or religion you will govern on all society. Hindu, Muslims, Christians and all other community trying to be majority. Only one community Persians are example for others who never trying to increase his population.
Lack of Awareness: Today’s so many sources available in the market if people start using the birth rate automatic controlled, but low society people do not know much more about these birth control commodity.
Someone knows about it but shy to purchasing.

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