Friday, September 19, 2008


The great Indian poet Rahiman das write a poet. That is very much fit for those who had not any goodwill in society.
" Rahiman pani rakhiye, bin pani sub soon;
Pani gaye no ubre moti manus choon."
(Please make goodwill in society, if you have no goodwill people will not respect to you)
I said a story which I listen from my mother.
So many years ago a king was. He very much false, he was just like today’s politicians.
He always so many promises to his supporters and with his family. His ministers and family very much sad, that he never complete his promise.
Once his neighbor’s King attacked. The king announce that he will hike salary of his army, minister’s will given new bungalow, and promised his queen that he take care of her.
The war started and no one oppose the enemy king because people listen about that king, that he always complete his promises, his goodwill was very good in his people.
So maintain your goodwill otherwise when you are in difficulty no one help you.

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