Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today government is facing a big problem to give employment to all. The problem is very critical, every year a large people included in this group. They have no jobs in hand. Everyone have some necessity to live, and to fill their necessity. They do so many illegal works for complete their necessities.
Our country education systems are support to create this problem. If self employment courses included in course from primary level education the problem automatically solved. After the completion of his education the students shall mentally prepared for do their own business.
They will help to improve our country economy. Today’s so many legal ways to earn money then why the people do illegal works.
It’s the failure of our government machinery that he does not publish policies related to unemployed. If everyone know about government policies and they feel free to go there unemployment problem will solved.
To give employment to unemployed people government should incur rage them for self employment. For this I have some ideas if governments take action it must success.All the policies related to unemployed person handover to the school or colleges. Persons contact to their school and college if he is not getting jobs or proper jobs. School colleges will help and suggest them to start a business. They will help him to complete all formalities and Banks will contact to him through that school and college.

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