Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Journey of Indian Knowledge

Today’s Panchtantra published in 60 languages with 200 editions, it has a very interesting story.

A great poet Firdausi writes in his collection of poems “Shahnama” that how this great book reached to Iran.

Barjoi was the doctor of Iranian King Anuserwa in year 500. He said Anuserwa that Sanjeevani Booti (A medicinal herb) can give life to dead body. He said that if Anuserwa permitted him to go to Himalya he will search that medicinal herbs there and prove it.

Anuserwa very much impressed and send Barjoi to India. Barjoi went Himalaya and find out that medicinal herbs. He done so many practical but failed.

He very much sad, and said his Indian colleague that how he face to his king Anuserva. His Indian colleague fixed a meeting with a learned person.

Barjoi said his problem. Learned man said that some story is symbolic as like as Sanjeevani Booti’s story. He explains him, “he said that story is that Sanjeevani Booti grow in Himalaya and can give life to dead body”. It’s meaning that a learned person looks like Himalaya can give life to a illiterate, rude and uncultured person. Learned man suggested him that he must learn the book Panchtantra.
Barjoi learned & translated the book in his language Pahalvi, after that the book was translated in so many language and gives life to the world

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