Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In my childhood my mother says so many stories. The stories were not for time pass every story gives us some massage. Today I will share a storey which gives us massages that don’t impress with anyone maybe you come in difficulty.
There was a lion lived in forest. He was the king of that forest. Crow, Jackal and Tiger were his minister.
One day he gone with his ministers and saw a camel in way. The lion said his ministers that go to camel and asked him that he is a domestic animal or came from any other forest.
The ministers said that why you worry about camel kill him and eat. The lion said that no it’s not fare, If your enemy also came to you without any fear; honor him and asked why he came.
Then ministers went and request to camel that the king of forest called you please come.
Camel came, “Lion asked, “why you came here”.
Camel said, “Sir I forget my way and away with my friend”
Lion said, “Don’t worry live here if you want. Here is everywhere green grass and you will not hungry”.
Camel thinks, “I should live here. There was his master take very hard work with him”.
Camel said, “Yes if you are pleased I will live here”.
After some time he become very healthy. The lion’s ministers jealous with camel.
Once Lion hearted in a war. Lion was unable to go anywhere.
Lion called his ministers said, “Please arrange meat for me. I am very hungry”.
Ministers go to forest for hunting but they have not any idea, how to hunting.
Always Lion hunted the animal and them eaten after lion.
Jackal said, “He has an idea if Lion ready to eat Camel meat our problem will be solved”.
Crow said, “How is it possible? How will Camel ready for killing him?”
Jackal said his plan. They go to Lion, There Camel was also present. Camel asked, “What did happen you came without food?”
Jackal said, “We went all the forest but not able to hunt any animal.”
Crow said, “Please sir kill me and eat”.
Jackal stand up and said, “Friend you are very little and Sir is very much hungry. A big animal can satisfy his hungry. Please kill me and eat.”
Tiger said, “No please kill me and eat. I am very healthy and my meat is also very good.’
Camel hears all and think if they all are ready to kill them, Why not he?
Camel said, “Please sir if you want kills me”.
The jackal’s plan was successes.
They attack and kill to camel.

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